After several years of development, we are proud to introduce to the marketplace our FPR ("Flag Pattern Reversal")-Day Trading System. If you are an individual who want to make day trading a career, this is YOUR system. Designed from the ground up for the individual trader, this system is built around short term support and resistance analysis with trade confirmations being made through various stock trend determining charts. Never has one single system incorporated these principals in a single comprehensive package. The system offers:


                   *The ability to spot 50-60 trade opportunities a day;

                  *The strategy needed to decide which trades to enter 
                   and which to skip;


                   *Exact entry points for each trade you decide to make;


                   *The ability to monitor 100s of stocks at one time;


                   *Real time trade alerts and charts showing real time trading signals.


                   *Time Shift Analysis


                   *Decision Tree Leading Indicator Analysis  


                   *Remote Access Setup  Available  




All you need to do is follow the rules in our trading manual. Nothing could be simpler.  Watch our system in action here.







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