We are looking for qualified individuals to be Beta Testers of our most recent software.  In order to qualify, you should meet the following criteria.


1.  Be an active trader.  Someone who typically makes between 20-50 traded per month.


2.  Be familiar with the NinjaTrader trading platform. We can provide some limited support in helping you with this platform but our preference is that you be familiar with the platform before applying.


3. Have access to a data feed which will allow you use the NinjaTrader platform in real time.  The NinjaTrader platform has a built in simulator which will allow you to test our program without risking any actual capital.


4. Return to us on a daily basis a recap of your trades.  This can be easily done with NinjaTrader without provding any confidential information or account numbers. 


There is no cost or committment associated with being a Beta Tester. If you are chosen, you will be provided with the appropriate files which are to be imported into NinjaTrader to allow you to use our system.  Complete instructions will also be provided as to how to load and use the system.  


If you are interested in being a Beta Tester or have any concerns about security, please contact us using the form below.  We take your concerns seriously. 





Already accepted as a Beta Tester?

Once you received your .zip Strategy file, go here to find complete and proper installation instructions. 

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